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Junior Coaching

Watford Piscators now offer individually-tailored coaching sessions in a safe,
inclusive and exciting environment for junior anglers to take their first steps in the sport.

An introduction first; I’m John Walker and I’m the Junior and Coaching Representative for Watford Piscators.

I have been an angler for over 40 years and it’s fair to say that I’ve tried most forms of angling, from junior league match fishing on the Liverpool canals to catching piranha (using Spam!) from a dugout canoe in the Amazon jungle and fly-fishing for Falkland Islands sea trout. I’m a qualified angling coach, I’ve got both of my sons into fishing – the youngest now gives me a run for my money! – and I’ve conducted coaching sessions at Get Hooked On Fishing in Ealing, and on behalf of Hillingdon Council.

My vision for Watford Piscators is twofold: to offer individually-tailored coaching sessions to any Piscators members, and – most importantly – to ensure that the club offers a safe, inclusive and exciting environment for junior anglers to take their first steps in the sport. The youngest angler I’ve coached so far was eight years old, the oldest was the wrong side of 80!

Depending on the requirement, there are a number of qualified coaches who can offer support in diverse angling disciplines from general coarse fishing to more specialized forms of angling, including lure and carp fishing. It all starts with a chat, over the phone (07308 647994) or at the Piscators complex, about what you might want to gain from a coaching session. I look forward to hearing from my fellow Piscators!

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