Watford Piscators Competitions & Prizes for the 2016-2017 Season

March 7, 2017

(Events are listed in the same order as they are in the club rule book)

The Championship Memorial Trophy

Winner - Championship Memorial Trophy - Tony Edwards Replica
2nd place - Hutching's Memorial Cup - Paul Spiller Replica
3rd place - Terry Monk Medal
4th place - John Sears Medal

The Handicap Championship

Winner - Oakins Sabin Cup - Ron Larkin Replica
2nd place - Woolhead Cup – John Sears Replica
3rd place - Trevor Francis Medal

The Copping working Party Cup.

Not fished

The Benskins Challenge Cup for the highest agregate weight of fish caught in the nine Championship events

Winner – Terry Monk with 69 lbs 15 ozs Replica

Partridge Roach Cup - Heaviest Roach caught in nine Championship events

Winner – Terry Monk – 1 lb 0 ozs – Leg No 8 Medal

Pratt Perch Cup & Replica - Heaviest Perch caught in nine Championship events

Winner – Ron Larkin – 1 lb 13 ozs – Leg No 8 Medal

Walker Challenge Cup for the heaviest weight on a fixed date

Winner – Dave Sephton 24 lbs 8 ozs Championship leg 5 Replica

Buckingham Cup & Replica for the heaviest Bream caught in the nine Championship events

Winner – Tony Edwards – 6 lbs 4 ozs- Leg No 8 Replica

Payne Challenge Cup (See list of all claims for Trophy Fish)

Winner Trevor Francis. Tench of 9 lb 0 ozs Replica

Mayfield Cup & Replica for the heaviest Pike caught in the match

Winner Mike Horwood with a Pike of 11 lbs 12 ozs Replica
Second place Trevor Judge with a Pike of 7 lbs 2 ozs Medal

Mike Cole Memorial Trophy to be fished for annually on a River Thames venue

Not fished

Watford Observer Cup for the highest aggregate in a special competition

Not fished

Colliver Cup & Replica for the highest aggregate weight caught during club outings

There were no Club outings

Bergman Cup for the best Roach caught in club matches or outings

Winner - Bob Horwood – 1 lb-4 ozs - Wednesday League leg No23 Medal
Packwood Cup for the heaviest Perch caught from Tolpits lake
Winners – Ron Larkin – 1 lb 13 ozs – Wednesday League leg No 23 Medal

Woodward Cup to be competed for by members with fifteen years membership.

Not fished

Absolon Cup. First in Officers Competition.

Not fished Replica

Grove Cup. Second place in Officers Competition.

Not fished Medal

Cooper Cup. For the best single bag of fish caught in any Club Competition.

Winner – Barry Parker – 38 lbs 3 ozs – Championship leg No 7 Medal

Novices Cup to be fished by first year members only.

Not fished

Wesley Trophy fished by members who have reached Senior Citizehship

Winner – Bob Horwood Replica

Thurland Trophy fished by members of the Water Management Committee

Not fished Replica

Jack Taylor Trophy First in the knock-out Competition

Winner Trevor Francis Medal

Tony Bone Memorial Trophy Second in the knock-out Competition

Second place place John Sears Medal

Watford Piscators Memorial Rose Bowl (The Christmas Competition)

Overall winner of the “Memorial Rose Bowl” Richard Lear Replica

Winner of Section

“A” Tony Edwards Medal
“B” Dave Sephton Medal
“C” Bob Horwood Medal
“D” Barry Parker Medal

Special Prize

WP1 – WP4 & WP7. Winner Tony Edwards Medal
WP2 – WP5 & WP8 Winner Terry Monk Medal
WP3 – WP6 & WP9 Winner Paul Spiller Medal

Lancaster Cup Ladies Competition

Not Fished

Adrian Gooch Memorial Trophy

Winner Paul Spiller Replica
Second place John Sears place Medal

River Colne Trophy (best two of three legs)

Winner Ron Larkin Jack Taylor Trophy Replica
Runner up Tony Edwards Tony Bone Memorial Trophy Medal

Walker Shield – Pairs

Winners Trevor Francis & Bob Horwood Medals

The Wednesday League Plate

Winner Bob Horwood Replica
Second place Richard Lear Medal

The Jack Taylor Cup

Winner Terry Monk Replica
Second place Trevor Francis Medal

Prizes required

Trophies won..........................24
Trophies not fished for...........9


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