General News

91st Annual General Meeting

November 30, 2017

To be held at the Royal British Legion Club, Watford Road, Croxley Green on the 7th March 2018 at 8.00pm.

Rule 6.4 Nominations for the election of Officers and Propositions affecting the rules to be submitted in writing to the Secretary by the last day of January.

Please note any communication must be written with the proposer and seconders signature and their membership details sent to:

Watford Piscators
PO Box 718
Pinner HA5 9PY

Please note we cannot accept email/phone calls for propositions or election of Officers.

The deadline is 31/1/18 any queries please email: John Pepper

Existing members holding Office must confirm their intention to continue by email/post no later than 31/1/18 by email

If you require confirmation of your propositions, please indicate so.

Members are reminded:

Rule 6.5 All members shall possess their current I.D. Card and Membership Permit when attending meetings. Failure to produce when requested will result in the member being asked to leave the meeting. Except for life members, where a gold card only is required.


Other News

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