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Carp Match 13th October

October 9, 2023

Hello Each,

Regarding next weekends, 13th - 15th October, Tolpits Carp Match:

Please could anyone who can't make the 48 hour match on Tolpits please let me know ASAP as there are people on the waiting list who really want to fish and at present swim uptake is full, so it should be a great match.  I am also fishing in the match so should be fun! Please all meet up in the main car park at 2pm, (14:00), on Friday the 13th October for the draw. I know some off you will be at work and won't be able to get down till after this time so if you text me your name I will draw a swim for you and you can join us a few hours later.

RULES:  The match will be drawn at 2 pm, (14:00), and  you will draw a number which will be your swim for the weekend, YOU CAN NOT MOVE SWIMS ONCE YOU HAVE DRAWN YOUR NUMBER.  Once in your swim you can set up and bait up but, NOT start fishing. The Match will start on my whistle at approx 4pm, (16:00). You must get somone to witness the weight of your catch ,then message me your name plus the weight off every capture. The Match will finish at 10am, (10:00), on Sunday on my   whistle.

There will be a presentation after the Match for Dave Pateman, Winner of the Tolpits Match back in May, Tony Rickard, Winner of the Thurlows Match in July,  Aleksandar, Winner of the Thurlows Match in September and for the Winner of the  Tolpits upcoming Match.

All the Best and Good Luck 👍 Brim, President of Watford Piscators.

You can contact me on the following Mobile Number:  07897617097.


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