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Catch Report November 2022

December 1, 2022

Hello Each,


TOLPITS: With the cold weather approaching  It has completely slowed down as expected. But there have been a few fish coming out in November. Some Carp in the low doubles have been caught and the Mirrior came out at 28.12lb. Several Bream to 8lb, Tench to 7lb and Perch to 1.5lb.

THURLOWS: Has been fishing well considering the weather. Bream up to 7lb, and several Carp in the upper double figures. Two new members have had their PB,  both being commons, 29lb 8oz & 29lb 4oz.

Two different fish, I can confirm!

Several small Pike have been caught on dead bait and lures, with the biggest one being 18lb. One of bailiffs also caught one on a boilie. 😃

Some nice Perch to 1lb caught on worm and soft lures.

CASTLES:  Still fishing very well with Carp up to 12lb, some Perch and several Bream, Roach and Rudd.

STANLEYS: Still very much alive, with some good catches of Carp coming out up to 24lb 8oz. One of our water management team caught 24 Carp over 24 hours. Several Bream to 4lb and some Perch to 1lb, also Jack Pike on lures.

RIVER: One 12lb Carp has come out, along with  several small Perch have been caught on drop shot, and small Jack Pike on lures.

As the cold weather approaches it will become more of a challenge for Carp fishing.

Make sure you wear the appropriate clothing and footwear as the banks can be slippery.

If you have any questions or need any information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Antonio on 07980 622678.
Antonio Ambrosone - Head Water Keeper

Enjoy your sessions on Our Complex 👍🎏


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