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September 6, 2021

Watford Piscators are introducing Summer/Autumn Coaching Sessions.

Free coaching sessions for Existing Youth / Family members.

All aspects of angling – general coarse to specimen carp.

Watford Piscators is offering free coaching sessions for existing Youth Members and Family Members who would like to brush up on a particular technique or introduce their children or family to the sport.

We have a number of Angling Trust certified Coaches at the club who can provide instruction in all aspects of angling from basic pleasure fishing (river or stillwater) to specimen carp angling.  With a river stretch and four lakes - one with a purpose-built coaching platform and several disabled access fishing areas - there is plenty of variety at our safe, secure and picturesque fishing complex on the outskirts of Rickmansworth.

If a family member is completely new to fishing or if you want to learn more about a specific aspect of angling, then let us know and we will tailor a session to your requirements.

Get in touch with John on 07308647994 or via e-mail: ( )
to discuss.


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