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Colne Fish Distress

July 14, 2018

Received from CVFC:

I have just received a call (4.45pm Saturday 14TH JULY) from Lewis Thomas concerning at Cat 3 “fish in distress” incident on the Colne at Hampermill. The EA is on site and deploying aerators. Carpenders Park Ac, Watford Piscators, have been alerted. Peter Lennon at Hampermill is co-operating with the EA. NO fish casualties reported at the moment but very low DO in the river. According to Lewis, this is probably from a surface water outfall following the heavy rainfall last night. I suggested the Hartsbourne ditch might be the culprit but he didn’t think so.

If you are going to be near/on the Colne below Hampermill in the next few hours please be very vigilant.

We have 3 aeration units located at Croxley Hall Fisheries and one generator, if they are needed please contact me at the number below.


Paul Sansom-Timms
Chairman, Colne Valley Fisheries Consultative


Further to the above, the EA advise that the fish distress at Hammermill has been caused by pressure and the recent downpour and aerators have been in use all night, furthermore CVFC has installed aerators at Carpenders Park. The EA and CVFC are monitoring the situation closely and any further details will appear here. Meanwhile please keep your eyes open on any section of the Colne in your area and help the EA and CVFC by reporting any signs of abnormal signs of fish in distress.

Phone 0800 807 060 giving full details, if possible take photos. Ensure you ask for an incident number in case a follow up is needed.

We at Watford Piscators are monitoring the situation on our sections and so far we have found 9 fish that have succumbed, however plenty of fry have been spotted in our sections. Thanks for your help.

Peter Hadwin


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