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Complex & Fishing updates 3rd December

December 3, 2020

Hello Each, by now you will have seen we are in Tier 2, please so please check what is required from all of us. Thank you for abiding by our rules especially track and trace sign in in the car park and by the Lodge. Remember, Hands, Face and Distance. Be safe for yourself and others.


Thursday, Rain, 7°/4°, Friday, Rain, 6°/4°, Saturday, Showers, 7°/1°, Sunday, Cloudy, 6°/-1°, Monday, Cloudy, 5°/1°, Tuesday, Cloudy, 5°/2, Wednesday, Sunny Spells, 6°/1°. Note temperatures are now dropping so make sure you have the right kit to keep yourselves warm and dry!


  • Sunday 13th December, Pike Cup, Tolpits Lake
  • Sunday 20th December, Christmas Rose Bowl, Thurlows Lake.


  • Saturday 6th/19th December, Road Side Bank, closed 08:00 until mid-day, removal and replacement of aerators and refuges in preparation of a Lake netting Saturday 12th December.
  • Saturday 12th December, Castles Lake closed from mid-night Friday 11th December until after Castles Lake netting.


The following Ebury Way Swims are now open to fish,  The Oak, The Stumps a d the Telegraph. One man bivvies only or umbrella systems which must not be setup against the Otter Fence!

At last we have been informed by the EA after much badgering by you Club Secretary, that they will attend our Complex to check out the downed trees on the Gade, which hopefully will revive the flooding on Tolpits in the future. Updates will appear here when available.


Carp catches slowing down, odd Pike showing, small bags of Silver’s some decent Perch being caught by drop shotter’s, joggers and bait fishers.

Some Carp still being caught and Bream to low doubles. Pike fishing fairly consistent but slowing slightly. Silver fishing difficult.

Carp to match tactics and specimen methods. Bream and Tench to float and feeder, all sport slowing rapidly.

Everything slowing down still Carp being caught as well as quality Perch and Silver’s.

Expect fishing to become difficult as temperatures plummet, but you won’t catch fish staying at home. Remember under tier system rules you are not allowed to walk round the complex when not fishing, see website for details

Tight lines, stay warm, and stay safe.
W Dorrofield-Head water keeper

We must stress

There is no walking around the Complex unless choosing your swim, visiting the toilet block, collecting takeaway food from the front gate or preparing to leave the Complex.

The only people who are allowed to walk around our Complex are Club Officials who will be wearing a dark green hi viz vest and a mask whilst on the Tolpits Lake, Ebury Way Bank.

When on our waters or whatever you decide to do,take great care and Stay Safe, think not only about yourself but, others too.


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