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Equipment Theft from Boxmoor and District Angling Society

July 19, 2018

We've received the following message from CVFC:

Monday night 16th July a valley club was burgled overnight, five buildings were broken into and every bit of fisheries management and estate management equipment was stolen. Police have been informed, socco have been in and taken samples, a crime log has been created. A complete list of the stolen equipment is being prepared at the moment.

The losses amounted to around £25,000 and were for the most part uninsured.

If you are offered generators, pumps, strimmers, chain saws, tree climbing equipment, hedge cutters, pole saws, a four-wheeled trailer, a towing hitch winch, air compressors, power tools. both mains and self-powered, concrete cutters and breakers, gas powered barbeques, pop up gazebos or anything you think a fishing club might need please consider getting in touch with me so that I can advise the club of where and when the gear might come up for sale.

In the meantime be especially vigilant of strangers seeking access to your waters.

Michael Heylin OBE
Secretary - Colne Valley Fisheries Consultative

Please be super vigilant while on our premises and ensure that the main gates along with any other entrances to the site are locked at all times. If you're followed into the premises and you're not sure who the person is please ask them to display their membership card. No membership card or key, no entry

Thanks in advance for your help.

Peter Hadwin


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