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Keeping landing and unhooking mats cool

May 27, 2020

Looks like we will be blessed with warm weather for the next 10 days.

Please make sure your landing mat is kept in the shade and dampened down before landing your catch.

Again because of this weather please cut down on the amount of loose feed presented to our fish.

We look to you for common sense regarding your offerings, but should this request be ignored we will insist on the amount of loose feed presented and our Baliffs will  then be instructed to take action if ignored.

I repeat one more time our rule of selecting your swim  and not leaving your swim unless visiting the toilet or packing and leaving the Complex. Some of our members are ordering take a ways for delivery to the Complex. This must stop! If you are night fishing for 24 hours or the full 48 hours please bring enough food and water with you to last the length of your stay. This rule also applies to day fishing also. You will be asked to leave our Complex, surrender your permit and key pending a disciplinary if found to be flouting this rule.

Take Great Care and enjoy you fishing.


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