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Latest News 19th November

November 19, 2023

Hello Each,

A holdall with fishing gear and bait has been left near the Lodge, Friday/Saturday. If this is yours, please contact Ron, your Water Management Chairman, 07445 975001,  to arrange collection of your property.

A member has used a portable barbecue on the porch of the Lodge and this has scorched the Porch  Flooring, see following photo. We are searching cameras to see if we can find this member who, if found will face a disciplinary hearing.
The Porch is not the place to use a barbecue unless Club organised and is fully supervised. Be warned, anyone found using a barbecue on the Lodge Porch will be asked to leave the Complex and face a disciplinary hearing. Apart from causing any damage this is a Health and Safety issue.

Stay Safe and Stay Well! 🎣🐟🎏


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