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June 1, 2023

Hello Each,

Temperatures struggling to get over 20°, but mainly dry with possible rain on Wednesday. Always check  the local weather outlook before any planned fishing sessions so you are well prepared.
Thursday, 18°/8°, sunny intervals, Friday, 18°/6°, sunny, Saturday, 20°/7°, sunny, Sunday, 20°/8°, sunny, Monday, 20°/9°, sunny intervals, Tuesday, 20°/9°, sunny intervals, Wednesday, 20°/8°, light rain.

* Wednesday 07th June- Castles - Evening League - NOTE: LAKE WILL REMAIN OPEN TO NON-MATCH MEMBERS.
* Sunday 11th June - Thurlows - Feeder Cup, (Bomb and Feeder only).
* Wednesday 14th June - Castles - Evening League - NOTE: LAKE WILL REMAIN OPEN TO NON-MATCH MEMBERS.
* Wednesday 21st June - Castles - Evening League - NOTE: LAKE WILL REMAIN OPEN TO NON - MATCH MEMBERS.
* Sunday 25th June - Stanleys - Float Fish only Trophy.
* Wednesday 28th June - Castles - Evening League - NOTE: LAKE WILL REMAIN OPEN TO NON-MATCH MEMBERS.

NOTE: YOU don't have to be a regular match fisher to take part, you can choose one or as many matches as you want to take part in. Who knows you might enjoy the experience and become a regular Match Fisher! Why not give it a go!

There is a MAXIMUM speed limit of 10 Miles Per Hour throughout Our Complex, please ensure you stick to the speed limit not only importantly for Members Safety, but to protect Our roads from pothole damage.

Work has been completed on the toilet block but, be aware that over the next few weeks, work will be carried out on, in and around the Lodge.

Watford Piscators are introducing Summer/Autumn Coaching Sessions.
Free coaching sessions for Existing Youth / Family members.
All aspects of angling – general coarse to specimen carp.
Watford Piscators is offering free coaching sessions for existing Youth Members and Family Members who would like to brush up on a particular technique or introduce their children or family to the sport.
We have a number of Angling Trust Certified Coaches at the Club who can provide instruction in all aspects of Angling from basic pleasure fishing (River or Stillwater) to Specimen Carp Angling.  With a river stretch and four lakes - one with a purpose-built coaching platform and several disabled access fishing areas.
If a family member is completely new to fishing or if you want to learn more about a specific aspect of Angling, then let us know and we will tailor a session to your requirements.
Get in touch with John on 07308647994 or via e-mail: ( )
to discuss.

GROUND BAIT: Take your chosen groundbait, (there are many to choose from,  just check the shelves in your local tackle shop), add it to a round bowl, use a round bowl as it has no corners and easier to mix. Slowly add water from the lake or waters you intend to fish. Make the mix a stiff mix not wet, add as part of the mix any flavouring of your choosing, dry or liquid.  The bait after mixing should be just damp enough to hold together when squeezed together but, break apart when slightly rubbed. Add casters and or 2-3mm mini pellets. You can of course add Maggot or chopped worm if you prefer, but this could stop the bait binding.
That's the bait prepared!  Now pack the mix tightly into your your chosen feeder or lob balls of bait out to float fish over or you can combine the two methods. Give it a Go!

What ever you decide to do over the next week Stay Safe and Stay Well. 🎣🐟🎏


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