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December 21, 2023

Hello Each,

WEATHER: Looking mild over the next week, but still damp at times. Remember, forecasts change frequently. Always check  the local weather outlook before any planned fishing sessions so you are well prepared.

OUTLOOK: Thursday, 13°/7°, showers, Friday,  11°/8°, drizzle,  Saturday, 11°/10°, sunny intervals, Sunday, 13°/11°, showers, Monday, 12°/5°, light rain, Tuesday, 8°/6°, sunny intervals, Wednesday, 9°/6°, showers.


  • Sunday 14th January 2024 - Stanleys - Winter League - 09:30 - 14:30
  • Sunday 28th January - Castles - Winter League - 09:30 - 14:30

CARP MATCH NEWS: Dates for your 2024 Diary: Hi All, 48 hour carp match on Tolpits Friday 12th April to Sunday 14th April, meet in the main carpark at 10am on the Friday for the draw.  Anyone interested in taking part please send me a message with your name and membership number to reserve your place. Once your in, we will start a WhatsApp Group so any questions can be answered on the group.  Spaces are limited to 21 people so if you sign up but, for any reason can't make it, please let me know as we can give your place to someone else.  There will be a trophy for biggest overall weight of Carp. Its possible there will be a BBQ on the Friday but, will discuss this on the Group once we have the match places full. Thanks,  hope you all have a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay Safe and be Lucky ,BRIM 👍

WINTER SAFETY AND COMFORT: Winter is an amazing time to be out on the bank and the capture of a Carp in tough, cold conditions is a wonderful achievement. However, please remember to Stay Safe in your Bivvy this winter. Cooking or using a heater in an unventilated Bivvy can be fatal. Make sure you have enough warm, waterproof clothing, check your Bivvy for leaks and that you take enough snacks and fluid for your session. Most importantly, Stay Safe!

GUEST PERMITS: Guest Permits, as well as from Harefield Tackle, Guest Permits can be purchased from Your Water Management Chairman, Ron Westwood, Mobile: 07445 975001. Please note as per Rule: 13.1 Day Tickets only are available at £10.  Day tickets, 24 hour and 48 hour Tickets are  available, from the 1st November - 14th March inclusive Each season. See Rule 13 to 13.3 in your Rule Book for full details.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend and throughout next week, Stay Safe,  Stay Well and Stay Warm and Dry.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Committees. 🎣🐟🎏


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