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Latest News 23rd February

February 23, 2023

Hello Each,

WEATHER:  temperatures are up and down over the next week especially at night. Make sure you check the local weather outlook before any planned fishing sessions so you are well prepared. Thursday, 8°/2°, cloudy, Friday, 9°/1°, light rain, Saturday, 7°/1°, sunny intervals, Sunday, 7°/0°, sunny intervals, Monday, 7°/1°, sunny intervals, Tuesday, 8°/3°, sunny, Wednesday, 9°/3°, sunny.

REMEMBER TO ALWAYS DIP BEFORE YOU FISH: Don't forget to always dip all nets, unhooking mats, cradles and slings before you fish your chosen lake and again if you decide to change lakes. Please ensure you close the lid after use to avoid evaporation or dilution.

NEW MEMBERSHIP AND RENEWAL APPLICATIONS: Please Note: New Membership and Renewal Applications will NOT be accepted before the end of March 2023 when New Application Forms will be available from Our Website and The Dropper.

RIVERS REMINDER: Closed Season for Rivers, starts 15th March and will open again for fishing 16th June.

Whatever you decide to do over the next week. Take Great Care,  Stay Well and Stay Safe. 👍🎣🎏


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