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September 6, 2023

Hello Each,


Well the hot weather has at last arrived, but if the weather forecast outlook stays as it is it will become cooler from Monday. Over the next few days make sure you have plenty of fluids and sun block with you and seek shade if it gets too hot. Remember, forecasts change frequently. Always check the local weather outlook before any planned fishing sessions so you are well prepared.

Thursday, 30°/15°, sunny, Friday, 30°/16°, sunny, Saturday, 31°/17°, sunny, Sunday, 30°/16°, sunny, Monday, 27°/13°, sunny intervals, Tuesday 22°/10°, showers, Wednesday, 20°/10°, sunny.


* Saturday 16th - 17th September - Thurlows - Carp Match 3 - 09:00 Saturday - Sunday 10:00.

* Sunday October 01st - Stanleys - Championship Leg 7 - 09:30 - 14:30

* Sunday 08th October - Castles - Lake Closed - Venue Swop.

* Friday 13th to Sunday 15th October - Tolpits - Carp Match 4 - 15:00 Friday - 10:00 Sunday.

* Sunday 15th October - Castles - Championship Leg 8 - 09:30 - 14:30

* Tuesday 23th October - Castles - Verulum Match Hire.

* Sunday 29th October - Thurlows - Championship Leg 9 - 09:30 - 14:30.


The 24 hour carp match, FRIDAY 13th until Sunday 15th October is now full. Could those who have put their names down to attend this Match contact Brim to confirm you will attend. If you cant attend, places can be given to other members who would like to take part.

NOTE: YOU don't have to be a regular match fisher to take part, you can choose one or as many matches as you want to take part in. Who knows you might enjoy the experience and become a regular Match Fisher! Why not give it a try!


Guest Permits, as well as from Harefield Tackle, Guest Permits can be purchased from Your Water Management Chairman, Ron Westwood, Mobile: 07445 975001. Please note as per Rule: 13.1 Day Tickets only are available at £10. Day tickets, 24 hour and 48 hour Tickets are available, from the 1st November - 14th March inclusive Each season. See Rule 13 to 13.3 in your Rule Book for full details.


Please be careful entering and leaving Our Complex. Concrete blocks are restricting entry and exit. The owner of next doors property has been contacted and has assured us these will soon be moved. Please be patient with other drivers.


Watford Piscators are introducing Summer/Autumn Coaching Sessions.

Free coaching sessions for Existing Youth / Family members.

All aspects of angling – general coarse to specimen carp.

Watford Piscators is offering free coaching sessions for existing Youth Members and Family Members who would like to brush up on a particular technique or introduce their children or family to the sport.

We have a number of Angling Trust Certified Coaches at the Club who can provide instruction in all aspects of Angling from basic pleasure fishing (River or Stillwater) to Specimen Carp Angling. With a river stretch and four lakes - one with a purpose-built coaching platform and several disabled access fishing areas.

If a family member is completely new to fishing or if you want to learn more about a specific aspect of Angling, then let us know and we will tailor a session to your requirements.

Get in touch with John on 07308647994 or via e-mail: ( )

to arrange sessions.


To protect Our Fish Stocks especially as the weather is going to be in the 30s this weekend, REMEMBER to keep mats and cradles in the shade and wet them with fresh lake water BEFORE landing any fish. DO NOT leave water in buckets to get hot.

What ever you decide to this weekend and over the next week, Stay Safe and Stay Well. 🎣🐟🎏


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