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September 9, 2023

Hello Each,

With the current temperatures very high, just a reminder to everyone that some fish species are more vulnerable when warm water conditions lead to low levels of dissolved oxygen. Pike are particularly at risk during these periods, and if water temperatures continue to rise hard fighting species such as barbel can also be affected. So if you are out this weekend, put fish care first. Use suitable tackle so fish can be landed quickly and keep fish out of the water for as little time as possible. Use a wet unhooking mat or unhooking in the water is even better. when you return the fish, support it in the water so it has a chance to recover, before letting it swim away.

Enjoy the weekend whilst this hot weather lasts, forecasts indicate temperatures will return to seasonal normal after Monday. Always be prepared for any weather outcome.

What ever you decide to do this weekend Stay Safe!🎣🐟🎏


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