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OMC Magic Twig

August 21, 2023

Hello Each,
please read the following and take note:


Several Members have asked questions about the new, Self-Hooking Device on the Market, The Magic Twig. We at Watford Piscators,  along with many other venues throughout the country with Fish Safety being a priority,  have decided that the use of OMC Magic Twigs will NOT be permitted on Our Waters from IMMEDIATE effect.  This decision could change in time when more is known about this product and any problems it may cause.
Please note if you are caught using this product on Our Waters you will be asked to stop using it and warned. If you continue to use this product you will be asked to leave Our Waters, surrender your Club Card and Key pending a disciplinary.

Watford Piscators
The Committees

Stay Well and Stay Safe 🎏


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