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Remember to DIP before you FISH

May 14, 2021


To protect our fish stocks from disease and prevent the transfer of non-native species into our complex


Landing nets, keepnets, unhooking mats and weigh-slings


Use one of the dip-tanks situated around the complex


Each and every time you visit the complex - before you set up in your chosen swim and start fishing. You must dip again if you change lakes or move to or from the river - before starting to fish your new swim


All items must be fully immersed for a minimum of 15 minutes

What else can you do?

Ensure your footwear and clothing are cleaned between visits to stop the transfer of disease and non-native species into our complex

Note! Our bailiffs will be checking to see that dipping is carried out

Failure to comply could result in your key and membership card being withdrawn pending a disciplinary hearing


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