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Removal of fish carcasses from our section of the Colne

July 18, 2018

Today a team from the EA removed fish carcasses from our Colne sections. The fish removed are believed to have been washed down from the incident at Hampermill after the recent downpour. The oxygen levels are rising and we must thank the EA and CVFC for running aerators to combat the oxygen crash. Species of any size removed were Chub, Roach, Pike, Perch and Bream, along with mostly very small fish.

Signs though look good. There has been plenty of fry spotted along both sections as well as some nice size Chub and Carp. It's been pointed out that we may still find some carcasses popping up as the River flushes through and we will be keeping a watchful eye on our river stretches.

A big thank you goes to the EA team and CVFC for their great response to this latest incident and a big thank you to Our Club Members who have contacted members of the Committee with concerns for our fish. Your input is very important.

We are enjoying at present a good spell of fine weather and yes this could happen again in any waters, lake, river and canal at any time. Please be vigilant whilst you are out and about, not only on your club waters but anywhere you may be and report anything you are concerned about.

May the Fish be with you - Always

Peter Hadwin


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