Water Management

Spawning 2019 Season

May 26, 2019

As some of you may have noticed the carp have finally started to spawn.

The committee would ask that you take care when fishing as the Fish can be easily damaged at this time and a worst case scenario even die through over exertion. Please do not cast to spawning fish as they will not feed at this time but can get foul hooked and be injured quite easily.

At this moment the General Membership Committee have decided NOT to close the lakes but would ask anglers to be considerate at this time. If you feel that your angling pressure could be placing undue stress on your intended quarry, please refrain from fishing for them and leave them to to it and move to another lake.

If the spawning becomes widespread the committee will discuss closing individual lakes until spawning is over. Members will be given as much notice as possible should this occur. Thank you


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