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The Floods Are Back On Tolpits

June 23, 2020

UPDATE 24 June

As promised, news on Tolpits Lake. Good News All Banks are now fishable!

Please note there is a Float Trophy Match on Tolpits Lake Sunday 28th June. All Members to pack up Saturday 27th June at 12:00 Mid-night. Tolpits will be available to fish again after 02:00 pm, (14:00), Sunday after the Match. For further details please contact your Club's Scalesman on mobile number: 07946608274.Take Great Care.


UPDATE 22 June

As promised, an update on Our Tolpits Lake. From mid-day today, swims from the, All Alone to the Lodge are fishable, but NOT the Ebury Way Bank, a further check on this bank will take place tomorrow when we will update you further. Take Great Care.


UPDATE 19th June

After checking the Lakes this morning, Tolpits is totally flooded, all banks. So until further notice, the whole of Tolpits is closed to fishing until the water recedes and the banks are passed as safe. We are looking to open part of  Broadacres soon, the Ebury Way and Causeway Banks, this decision will be made at the weekend. Watch out for updates here and our Website. Take Great Care.


The Floods Are Back On Tolpits!

From NOW! The Lodge Bank and the Ebury Way Bank on Tolpits are closed for fishing!

Due to the heavy rain yesterday and the forecast rain today, we are closing these already flooded banks for everyone's safety.

The status of these banks will be reviewed on Saturday morning and a decision will be made to open all or part of these banks, only if we think it is safe to do so, or keep them closed for a further period.

We hope that this is a temporary situation and things will return to normal quickly.

Take Great Care.


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