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Broadacres Lake

Broadacres is probably the largest of our waters and also the least fished. The lake contains a range of specimen sized fish, but not so many of the larger carp that feature in the other of the clubs waters.

The lake is fairly deep, especially along the railway bank, with depths up to 10ft, with shallower areas on the other side. There are also numerous gravel bars running across the lake, and a shallower plateau towards the centre of the water.

There are a few very large carp present, including a few koi, but there is also a stock of match sized carp that were in the 3-5lb bracket a few years back.

Often the main target for anglers are the shoals of bream in the lake – these fish run to double figures with typical shoal fish of about 4lb. These fish can fall to a variety of tactics including feeder and pole and have a taste for mini boilies and paste.

Tench are also present to double figures, as are pike to about 20lb. There is also a large head of roach, rudd and roach/rudd hybrids which run to well over a pound in weight.

Night fishing is permitted on this water except between the notice boards on the Ebury Way Bank.

  • Carp to just under 30lb
  • Tench to 10lb+
  • Bream to 10lb+
  • Roach specimen size
  • Perch specimen size
  • Rudd
  • Pike to 20lb+

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