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Castles Lake

Castles lake was originally the washing plant for the gravel works that occupied much of what is now the Tolpits Complex. As such the lake is fairly shallow due to the large amounts of silt deposited in the lake over the years.

Typically the lake attracts anglers targeting many different species, with the specimen carp and tench getting the most attention. The lake contains a good head of large carp that run to 30lb, but this is a reasonably hard lake and the fish do not make an appearance on the bank very often. The large head of tench in the lake are somewhat easier to catch, typical fish are in the 3-6lb class but larger fish to 10lb have been taken. Other species in the lake include a number of large bream, which run to double figures, and a massive head of roach and rudd.

About 5 years ago this lake received a stocking of 400 or so small carp, many of these are now well into double figures and are caught occasionally.

Recent years have seen an increase in the number of jack pike found in the lake – these can often be seen lying over the weed in margin waiting to pounce on the large population of roach and rudd.

The pegs on one side of this water has recently been redeveloped to make the water more suitable for use by disabled anglers and also for teaching local children to fish.

Night fishing is permitted on the water and bivvies are permitted in most swims.

  • Carp to 30lb
  • Tench to 10lb+
  • Bream to 10lb+
  • Roach specimen size
  • Perch specimen size
  • Rudd are present
  • Many small Pike but rairly fished for

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