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Stanleys Pool

Stanleys lake was officially purchased by Watford Piscators a few year back, although it had been available for members to fish for many years before. It is the clubs smallest lake and contains a selection of species.

The lake is fairly deep throughout with lots of variation in depth and anglers can experience snags in the near margins. Generally the fish are not quite as large as in our other waters but do tend to be caught more regularly.

Most of the carp run from 10lb-20lb with a few larger fish reported up to about 30lb. The carp in Stanleys are notorious sunbathers, as soon as the sun comes out – so the fish the come up. Seeing them is one thing, but catching them of the top is a completely different matter as many frustrated members will testify..

Tench also feature regularly from the lake starting at about 4lb and running up to double figures. There are also some large bream to 10lb and some specimen perch. There are also a few chub in the lake, but only up to a few pounds in weight and there are also a few pike, although these are not often fished for.

Night fishing is allowed in swims 3,4 and 5 only, swims 1&2 and 6 to 18 are one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset only.

  • Carp to 30lb
  • Tench to 10lb+
  • Bream to 10lb+
  • Roach
  • Perch specimen size
  • Rudd
  • Pike
  • Chub

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