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Thurlows Lake

Thurlows lake is one of our larger waters and contains most species to specimen sizes. The lakes contains a large head of carp to 30lb, shoals of bream to specimen size and large tench.

Many carp anglers target this lake, as the carp are slightly more numerous than in Tolpits Lake, slightly smaller and slightly easier to catch – however fishing can still be difficult.

Night fishing is permitted on Thurlows and contains a number of double bivvy swims developed with the specimen angler in mind.

The small fish in the lake are rarely targeted – however there are vast numbers of roach and rudd present that can provide an almost endless supply of bites on light tackle. Whip or pole to hand works well coupled with regular feeding of maggots to bring the fish up in the water.

There are also plenty of tench and bream present – but they are rarely targeted, paste and small boilies seem to work best.

Recent years have seen an several report of baby carp starting to appear in the lake – these are the results of successful spawning by the lakes larger in habitants.

  • Carp to 30lb+
  • Tench to 10lb+
  • Bream to 10lb+
  • Roach specimen size
  • Perch specimen size
  • Rudd
  • Pike
  • Crucian Carp

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