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Tolpits Lake

Tolpits lake is regarded by many as the Watford Piscators big fish lake. Surrounded by trees and other features, Tolpits is a fairly deep lake with many features including the submerged island.

There is good head of large carp in the lake, the current carp record is 36lb+, with just under a dozen other 30s present.

Many recent catches from Tolpits have been recorded in Angling Press, although often anonymously and sometimes as Toll Pits Lake. So next time you see a large carp caught in a secret South-Hertfordshire club lake, it may well be one of our fish from Tolpits Lake.

Tolpits is not just about carp, the lake also contains plenty of other species including specimen pike, tench and bream. There are also a good head of small fish – a recent session pleasure fishing session by Les Price (club scalesman) produced over 30lb of perch. There are also rumours that a small number of very large chub are also resident, but we await photographic evidence!

Night fishing is permitted on this lake with the majority of pegs large enough to accommodate a bivvy.

  • Carp to 36lb+
  • Tench to 10lb+
  • Bream to 10lb+
  • Pike to 25lb

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